• Chase Elliott

    NASCAR champ Chase Elliott shares his story growing up in the world of NASCAR, the influence of his dad, the importance of teamwork, and so much more. Even if you aren’t a huge NASCAR fan, you will enjoy this episode…and you will likely become a fan of Chase!

  • Pure Athlete: The Good, The Bad, & The UGLY

    Should parents also coach, and if so, what’s the right approach? How/when should parents engage with coaches when things aren’t going well for their kid? Should winning be a goal when coaching young kids? Jeff Francoeur, Britt Lee, and Brad Williams dive into these topics and more on this episode.

  • Kelley Cain

    Former WNBA player and first round draft pick Kelley Cain shares her story of winning four high school state championships as a USA today, McDonalds, and Parade All-American. Her high school success led to a great college career as a Tennessee Volunteer under legendary coach Pat Summitt. Kelley shares her story and insights learned along the way.

  • Pure Athlete: Achieving Your Goals

    Jeff, Britt, and Brad discuss goal setting, grit, hard work, practicing with purpose, accountability, and other key components to seeing young athletes achieve their sports goals.

  • Chris Spatola

    Chris Spatola shares his youth sports story and insights including being a 4-year starter at ARMY, coaching at Duke for five years under his father-in-law Coach Krzyzewski, and much more.

  • Brian Harman

    2023 Open Champion and U.S. RYDER CUP player Brian Harmon shares his youth sports story as a multi-sport athlete, and discusses his college golf days at UGA, his RYDER CUP experience, how he’s worked at controlling his emotions on the course, and so much more.

Helping young athletes become the best version of themselves in sports and in life.

Maximize Performance

Gain information and inspiration to help reach your potential. Whether your ambition is making a travel team, high school team, college or beyond, Pure Athlete is here to help.

Achieve Goals

Unlock an understanding of how to set relevant, tangible goals that can be improved upon and achieved over time.

Build Character

Develop great sportsmanship, teamwork, and leadership traits that are critical to success in sports and in life.

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  • Chipper Jones

    One of the best and smartest hitters of the modern era, Chipper Jones shares his youth sports story and great insights for young athletes and hitters of all levels.

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Parenting The Pure Athlete

The world of youth sports has become a challenging and all-consuming journey for many families. In Britt’s book, as a father of a D1 college athlete, he tackles a wide variety of issues and topics common to parents on the youth sports journey, sharing relevant insights, ideas, stories, and wisdom as a roadmap to help other parents navigate the high-level youth sports world in the healthiest way possible.

“Like most parents, I want my kids to be the best they can be, but also to learn valuable lessons and have great experiences in youth sports. This book was an easy read and provided great ideas to help me navigate this journey in a healthy way for our family. I think every sports parent should read it.”
Jeff Francoeur
12-yr MLB player, Atlanta Braves broadcaster, Sports Dad

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